Jannel and Elijah

Jannel and ElijahIn January of 2010, on a whim, Jannel booked her son, Elijah, at a gig in Hollywood at Kulak's Woodshed for Young Talent Night, a program of L.A. Women in Music (LAWIM). This was Elijah's fourth time performing; the only time he ever played a set and the first time he had to carry the show. He asked Jannel to play piano and sing backup for him. Elijah was making jokes and introductions with such natural delivery that the audience thought he had been performing like this for years. Jannel was a little apprehensive about throwing Elijah out there on such short notice, but was quickly relieved to find he somehow knew how to bring it to the table. During that clandestine performance this unique singer/songwriter duo was formed and this mother and son have been performing ever since.
Jannel and ElijahElijah brings a new voice and paradigm shift to some of Jannel's earlier work and his strong voice, though very different from Jannel's, creates a "family thing" sound that only genetics seem to provide, blending voices, songs, styles and generations to create a unique authentic sound, spirit and moment that leave audience members imagining that they can have that kind of bond.