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Jannel Rap - What's New Pussycat
Jannel & Elijah - Funny How The Rain Falls Down
Clementine - Stranded

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Bare Naked Lady - Jannel Rap
Sea of Red
So Beyond Clementine Street
Clementine Street

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Bare Naked Lady     ka-lei-do-schope  
Bare Naked Lady - Jannel Rap

Songs infused with lessons learned and more love to show for them line this CD. This album is filled with songs that speak to the heart, behind the heart. Just when you feel the dreamy ballads have taken you to another place and time, a blues song shows up and takes you somewhere else.



The first series of collectable ka-lei-do-schope CDs sold were autographed by Jannel. ka-lei-do-schope was picked as one of the top CDs for 2005 by the Orange County Register.

1. Bare Naked Lady 7. I Am
2. I Don't Fit 8. Lay Your Burdens Down
3. Go Down Easy 9. Time to Rise
4. I Have A Secret 10. Why
5. Joyful Child 11. Onlyst Time
6. Land With You  
1. Getting Too Much Sleep 7. On 2nd Thought
2. Tip Me Over 8. Shape It's In
3. Get Off 9. Wall Flowers
4. October 17th 10. Just Crash
5. He Likes To Hide 11. Willingly
6. Catch My Breath  



Sea Of RED


Selected by the Orange County Register as one of the top releases of 2001. Blue is filled with remarkable melodies connected to her usual literate lyrical content. Returning to a more acoustic approach, much of the production is sparse acoustic piano with hints of technology.

Sea of RED

Co-produced by Joe Robb (Steely Dan), Jannel's songs are surrounded by a full band, including Marty Rifkin (Bruce Springsteen) and Daryl S. It made the Grammy ballot for Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, and Best Engineer

1. It Is What It Is 7. Warrior
2. As Far As 8. Little Bits
3. About Faith 9. Funny How The Rain Falls Down
4. Something In The Water 10. La Danya
5. Taxi 11. The Thing Is
6. Just Because  
1. Late Bloomer Reprise 7. Window
2. No Woman's Land 8. Gold
3. Great Wall 9 Moon is Not Broken
4. Clementine Street 10. I Will Never
5. Sea of RED 11. Late Bloomer
6. Hard to Say 12. Keys


So Beyond Clementine Street


Clementine Street

So Beyond Clementine Street

This is Jannel's first studio album and first indie release. The CD features starkly produced songs with rich vocal textures and acoustic instruments. Many fans feel this is Jannel's best work. It features her college radio hit, Window, and her concert favorite, Naive.

Clementine Street - Jannel Rap

Recorded in 1994 in a living room, this album is raw and inspired. The track I Will Never brought Jannel to the attention of college radio, and the song You Lie Under received radio airplay. This album would be repackaged with new songs to create So Beyond Clementine Street.

1. Window 7. Her and Everyone Else
2. Moon is Not Broken 8. There All Along
3. So Beyond Disappointing 9. On This Road
4. Clementine Street 10. Way of Love
5. Forgiven Forget 11. I Dream
6. Naive  
1. I Will Never 7. Cup
2. Under Your Breath 8. It Doesn't Matter
3. Remnant 9. Clementine Street
4. Okay, You Win 10. Birds Song
6. Ever Since I Met You  
6. One Sided Love  






Jannel's ever-evolving band, Clementine, emerged out of a desire to create legitimate music that reaches deep into the soul. This blend of talent results in a breath-taking journey that seamlessly combines each musician's history, heartache, and happiness into one beautiful sound.

1. Love Don't Lilve Here Anymore 6. Crystal
2. Unbound 7. Late Bloomer
3. Must Have Been 8. Long Gone
4. Hard to Say 9. Clementine Street
5. Stranded 10. October 17th
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